Spectranet host - Not a website, Kupo!


This is the hostname of zx.kupo.be, a TNFS host for the Sinclair Spectrum equipped with Spectranet.

The Spectranet is an Ethernet (Cat5) interface for the ZX-Spectrum range of computers, if you're seeing this page you are not connecting via such a device and are instead attempting to view the TNFS as a web page, this will not work.

Here's what you'd see if you were connected via spectranet:


Here is a pic of the Spectrum used during creation of this site: (click for full size)


Accessing the TNFS via Spectranet:

Simply enter the following on your Spectrum:
%mount 3,"zx.kupo.be"
%fs 3
%load "boot.zx" (or indeed %load "")
The initial screen will then appear.

While the FS above is 3, any will work fine.

You may also want to use %fsconfig to set it to autoboot from FS 0 if you use it fairly frequently.

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